Learn Khasi App


An app that lets users find, ask and answer words and sentences in English, Khasi and Garo.


Learn the basics, Listen to Khasi Letters pronunciation, learn simple words and basic sentences.

Khasi-English-Garo Dictionary

Search, Ask and Vote up/down Khasi words and their respective translated English and Garo words.

Users Contribution

A user can add a word or sentence; translate a given word or sentence.


Know how to speak/write an English sentence in Khasi and Garo. Add English, Khasi, Garo and Hindi translations.

Earn Points and Level Up

Earn points and Unlock more features on each new level.


There are four levels in the app, you first start at level 1.


Add Words to your Favorites List.

Like and Share Words and Sentence translations

Easily share screenshot of words and sentences with your friends, like or vote up correct words and translations.

Support And Sponsor us

Help us make the app and our service better, your support counts.