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January 15 2021

App Features

The Learn Khasi app is a free and open source application. We are running our servers on the cloud, based on the support we receive from users of the app.

App Features

  • Lessons, Dictionary, Sentences and more
  • Lessons:
    • View Khasi Letters
    • Listen to Khasi Letter pronunciation
    • View Basic English-Khasi words and sentences
  • Dictionary:
    • English-Khasi-Garo Dictionary
    • Khasi-English-Garo Dictionary
    • Search for English or Khasi words
    • Save Favorite words
  • Share word and sentence translations
  • Vote for the best word and sentence
  • Search for English and Khasi sentences
  • Earn Points and Level Up
  • Upload audio clip of words and sentences
  • Listen to audio clip of words and sentences uploaded by users
  • Report an incorrect word or sentence
  • View the words and sentences you added from the Profile screen
  • View and correct the words and sentences reported by users
  • Offline mode


Points are earned when you add a new word/sentence or when a user up vote your word/sentence. You earn +10 Points when a user up votes on your word/sentence and you get -5 points when a user down vote or reports your word/sentence.

The more points you earn, the higher you reach towards upgrading to a new level.


There are four levels in the app, you first start at level 1. Levels are upgraded* up when you earn points. The higher the level the more features you unlock.

  • Level 1 - Start with 0 Points - You can search, ask and add new words and sentences translation.
  • Level 2 - Earned when you have 2500 Points - You can add audio clips for new words and sentences, reports wrong or invalid translations.
  • Level 3 - Earned when you have 12500 Points - You can add more words and translations. You will also be able to perform more than 150 advance searches online.
  • Level 4 - Unlock this level when you choose to become a sponsor and have unlimited access.

  • Note: Level upgrade will be locked, this means even if you have >2500 points you cannot upgrade to the next level. You can unlock this feature by going to your profile and pressing on the upgrade level button.

  • unlimited access: There will be no limit for sponsors when they use the app, the only limit is when our free server quota or resources have been used and we haven’t been fully sponsored yet.

  • Donate Now


There are six badges in the app based on your knowledge of the Khasi Language. They are:

  • Learner
  • Speaker
  • Reader
  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Sponsor

You earn a sponsor badge when you choose to make a commitment to sponsor us with an amount of Rs. 100 or more for a year. Editor badge are given to selected users.


Search for Khasi/English words, ask new words if it’s not in the Dictionary, add translations to words that haven’t been translated. Add words to your favorites, Share and also vote for them. Report wrong or incorrect words.


Search for Khasi/English sentences, ask new sentence if it’s not in the app, add translations to sentences that haven’t been translated. Share and vote for sentences. Report wrong or incorrect sentences.

Reported Words & Sentences

These are words and sentences that have been reported as invalid by users.


A user who is an Editor will have the right to view and modify the words and sentences uploaded by any user. An Editor is a trusted user whom we have selected to volunteer in using the app and to monitor, report and correct the content in the app.

Our List of Editors

  • Sngur (
  • More to be added later

If you are interested to become an editor, contact us via email.

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